About UCI

UCI ranks #1

UCI was ranked #1 of all U.S. universities under 50 years of age, four years in a row (2010-2014).

Commencement 2014

President Barack Obama delivers the UCI commencement address in 2014, in honor of UCI being ranked #1 of all U.S. universities.

Introducing Cinderella

The UCI Anteaters make their NCAA basketball tournament debut in 2014.

Peter the Anteater

Inspired by Johnny Hart’s “B.C.” comic strip, Peter the Anteater remains, if not the most unusual college mascot, at least the one with the longest tongue. Zot!

Devon A. Lawson, PhD

Our mission

The Lawson lab is interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the metastatic spread of cancer cells to peripheral tissues. We take a systems-level approach, using cutting edge single-cell technologies to understand how the interplay between intracellular signals within the cancer cells, and extracellular stimuli from cells in the microenvironment influence the metastatic potential of individual cancer cells. We believe that new insights into the metastatic process will lead to new drugs to prevent and treat metastatic disease.

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