Congrats to Paige for winning the best poster award!! Another congratulations to Alex (Kessenbrock lab) and Paige ( Lawson Lab) on their elevator pitches!!!

Congratulations to Paige Halas for being selected as a finalist to compete in UCI’s Grand Slam championship! She did an outstanding job in her elevator pitch (3min!) describing her work on how specific genes promote metastasis to lay audiences!

Graduate student Aaron Longworth from Dr. Devon Lawson’s lab passed his dissertation and will receive his doctorate degree! Aaron was a wonderful person in our lab and we wish him the best!! Dr. Longworth will now be working at Shoreline Biosciences in San Diego as a scientist.

#tumor suppressive #microglia

I’m so pleased to share our new study out today in Nature Cell Biology where we found that brain resident microglia promote anti-tumor immunity to suppress breast cancer brain metastasis !!

scRNAseq analysis showed that microglia mount a pro-inflammatory response to metastatic infiltration. GEM mice lacking microglia show increased metastasis, decreased survival and reduced natural killer and T cell responses that are critical to suppress tumor outgrowth in the CNS.

Many thanks to Team Michelle and all of their supporters who came out Friday night to raise money for breast cancer! Their generous donation will support a new pilot research project in our laboratory this year. Pilot funding is the main way we start new research projects and test new ideas – so it’s absolutely essential to drive new breakthroughs. We are so thankful for their hard work and dedication to this very important cause <3 .